Crystal is a good kid
Another year of summer

With some simple words describe my life now. That's all,
Days so slip from the fingertips, I'm still mad mad laughter. In the bustling city, the silence of the village, nu skin hong kong after the laughter, has become so desolate. Look at previous update mood, feel now and it doesn't matter. Probably, still sad, still silent, it still pain, are no longer important. Flowers bloom, year after year, time flies, time still.
Once thought, do I have to write down a very long story. It is very detailed is very simple, not busy, but will is a very beautiful story. Write the voices of flowers, small Bridges, Dream beauty pro hard sell write madadayo smoke from kitchen chimneys, and beautiful fairy tale, write all about the happiness of life story. Now, I can with the grey diary.
Remember always has a thick stack of paper, the text in the boring class I and unconstrained style, recorded I gradually brilliant youth. At this time, they already know whereabouts. Probably, it is like life, like love, thought is cannot of give up, but in the unknown and not that the life falls slowly, the process of fuzzy.
My words, very trivial, such as myself, such as the phantom. Time never change stubborn, Dream beauty pro hard sell still text. Just I hope, after many years, you and I are still the original shape.
In summer, another is the flowering of a year. When young, I do not know day is high, the heart. Now, the world has forgotten, and he wanders.




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