Crystal is a good kid
The rain torn thoughts
I hate rainy days wet feeling, recently the weather is rainy, maybe god also with strange sad, crying, rain continues, trickling rain, rushing lala. Under the presence of rhythm, follow one's inclinations...

Night falls, the hustle and bustle of cities began to quiet down, coming out of the window occasionally speeding car siren, estimation is a busy day guy, dragging the tired body, miss his family's waiting for his mom and dad, or a wife and children, the in the mind to read home, want to go home earlier. Family, home, Dream beauty pro hard sell is the focus, a great and happy things! Of course, I also love my family.

I afraid of the dark, night room will open a small light, the light faint, her boyfriend had to sleep, sleep enron, double eyebrow stretch, seems to have to sleep, but I am awake, tossing and turning a few times, afraid of waking him, rose up and stood on the balcony, close the window, rainy night, more dark, not the stars and the moon, they also afraid of the dark night, early hide into the clouds. Only in the distance the violet arenaceous tall hotel stands in the night, is so terrible, like a shepherd, guarded each check in tourists, let them sleep, also recede a tired.

Summer, typhoon storm, frog bird sound of normal, but in this case, it is very difficult, even if the summer to enjoy the symphony of nature, like that came to the house of childhood hometown thoughts to think of it, Dream beauty pro is very interesting to note that the embarrassing, but reminded sad and lost, have to the evening, accompanied, naive and innocent. See today, insomnia tossing and turning to the rhythm of the dawn! Each New Year flower similar, but each person is different, every year compulsively sad welled up in my heart, like the rain outside the window, hit things, affects my heart, maybe depressed recently, caused by a lazy body tired, will feel very tired a day's work, the neck on the right side as hard as neck stiffness, acidity eyes a blur, not taste. Feel the pain, feel shoulders the burden is heavy, not like a child as long as innocence, now have to consider a living, have to consider how to balance the burden of life. The life! The life! Born easy! It's really difficult to live!

Man is a very strange animal, can have desires, will the kindness, turns around, the boundless universe. All kinds of people, different things, can, are changing every moment, the heart will change the most. Lonely rainy night, sleepless I won all enjoy alone...

Lonely, empty, alone by window bar, wind and rain mixed lingering, lonely night with me silent tears across the cheek, thoughts too much crazy, torn my heart, the rain outside the window, trickling rain, Dream beauty pro knocked on the heartstrings of raindrops hitting, micro light trance, upset sleepless, eats swallowed me!!!!!!! Think much, empty disconsolate, useless, I don't know how to go strong, wanders in my heart, in the sight of confusion, not until morning, still have to go to bed, early to go to work tomorrow, still busy chasing day. Such is life, in addition to the sky falls down on me, it continues...




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