Crystal is a good kid
Warm impression

Osmanthus tree

Courtyard osmanthus trees that two trees long before the tall office building boom, leafy, summer shading cover a large piece of the yard; so much osmanthus tree is difficult to see in this city.

The tree is the history of bystanders. Yun courtyard of a historic borrowed from the trunk of the yard can be read, this is my point of view. Sure enough, in the yard of people told me that this yard has 50 years of history, two trees osmanthus trees are planted half a century ago, every autumn, rich floral.

I look forward to the arrival of autumn. Always think they can catch up sooner or later the scene of flowers, it is a relatively simple matter. But until then I no longer frequented the Courtyard, while the fall in the previous few years, has been missed in the floral fragrance of osmanthus trees that two trees.

Those years, every fall I have been back and forth that Courtyard act, not to early flowering yet to come, is to late flowers fall. I have lived in this city for many years, that two classic osmanthus trees flowering and again missed, that is a piece of history lost. Now, every time the fall comes, I encounter cinnamon overflowing elsewhere, there will always think of that two trees osmanthus trees, but flowers impression is blank. That courtyard friend once told me that next fall bloom season I asked you to. I declined his offer. I said, I slowly wait, maybe a fall in which, when I stepped into that unexpected Courtyard, inadvertently, flowers awaiting the enemy come.

The little girl

Five-year-old big little girl, little face scrub a pair of eyes will laugh behind his head with red hair wearing a small curling tall.

That day, I passed her family's shop; her father sat in the wicker chair behind the counter reading, the little girl was standing at the counter myself playing. She came to see me, inclined his head and looked at me carrying. At this time, there is just a little more than she was a little girl came to the counter, handed her two cents coins, say to buy a bubblegum. The little girl did not speak, readily took a bubble gum to counter outside of that little girl. Buy bubblegum little girl said, this does not look good, that good-looking. Little girl looking to pick up a package of bubble gum re-handed in the past. The little girl looked and looked to buy bubble gum, face joy. Said, little sister, you gave me an okay? The little girl almost without thinking, and took a bubble gum to the counter outside of the little girl, and said sweetly, give you an okay, not allowed to take it.

Her father looked at her daughter laugh, I shook my head again, love to say that you look at my silly daughter. At that moment I felt very beautiful scene. When turned to leave, only to see the wicker chair, a dog being nest behind the little girl's father, the owner of the warm waist.

Drop Rose

Wind, the profile, had a good day. Afternoon, Nanhunnvjia convoy passing from the piece is not wide streets. I also came from being on that street. There is a woman, living in the streets of a mental patient, a man walked aimlessly in the wind.

Wind is still great. I do not understand, bike bar full of red roses wedding car why should open quickly, like afraid to miss a moment. The team came face to us, and suddenly our eyes from passing. It was at that moment, the woman suddenly ran in front of the middle of the road, picked up a flower from the wedding car drops red roses.

She just happily standing in the middle, will tis red roses in her arms, smiling carefully watched for a long time, an intersection myself dancing forward edge of the door. I stood beside the road, I watched, a little touched.

Two years later, I was trying this "pick up drop Rose" lenses write it down. I thought a lot about America's theme, but was denied my eleven, and finally left me and the woman in the wind, like beauty tidy. I have discussed this topic and friends, I said no one can be summed up in the title. Friends say, should be "no refusal of the United States." Until I write this article, the front surface of the rose or flower drop.
To investigate the death of Elaine OHara
OFFICERS INVESTIGATING THE death of Dublin woman Elaine O’Hara have issued a renewed appeal for information this evening.

They’re looking to hear from anyone who may have spoken to the 36-year-old in the week she went missing in August of last year Jimmy Wong.

Remains found at Kilakee Mountain, close to Rathfarnham, last Friday were positively identified as those of O’Hara yesterday.

While today, gardaí confirmed that a second scene was being examined in connection with the case. It’s understood a number of items connected to O’Hara, including her car keys, Jimmy Wong were found at the second site, close to the reservoir at Roundwood.

“Elaine was last seen leaving her home at Belarmine Plaza in Stepaside at 5.05pm on Wednesday the 22nd of August,” Garda Superindendent Dave Taylor told reporters in an appeal at Blackrock Garda Station this evening.

“There’s also a reported sighting of her close to the footbridge that crosses the railway at Shanganagh Park, Shankill at approximately 6.15pm. That’s also on the Wednesday.”

O’Hara was reported missing by her father two days after she went missing, on Friday 24 August. Her car, a turquoise Fiat Punto, was found by gardaí at Shanganagh Cemetery at 3pm that day.

On the day she went missing, O’Hara had volunteered to work at the Tall Ships Festival, which was under way in Dublin City Centre at the time freshwater pearl earrings.

In this evening’s appeal, gardaí say they want to speak to anyone who “may have met, spoken to, or engaged with Elaine” between the 22nd and the 24th of August last. O’Hara was employed as a childcare assistant, and also worked part-time at a newsagents in Blackrock Shopping Centre hair transplant.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Blackrock Garda Station on 01 666 5200 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.