Crystal is a good kid
Another year of summer

With some simple words describe my life now. That's all,
Days so slip from the fingertips, I'm still mad mad laughter. In the bustling city, the silence of the village, nu skin hong kong after the laughter, has become so desolate. Look at previous update mood, feel now and it doesn't matter. Probably, still sad, still silent, it still pain, are no longer important. Flowers bloom, year after year, time flies, time still.
Once thought, do I have to write down a very long story. It is very detailed is very simple, not busy, but will is a very beautiful story. Write the voices of flowers, small Bridges, Dream beauty pro hard sell write madadayo smoke from kitchen chimneys, and beautiful fairy tale, write all about the happiness of life story. Now, I can with the grey diary.
Remember always has a thick stack of paper, the text in the boring class I and unconstrained style, recorded I gradually brilliant youth. At this time, they already know whereabouts. Probably, it is like life, like love, thought is cannot of give up, but in the unknown and not that the life falls slowly, the process of fuzzy.
My words, very trivial, such as myself, such as the phantom. Time never change stubborn, Dream beauty pro hard sell still text. Just I hope, after many years, you and I are still the original shape.
In summer, another is the flowering of a year. When young, I do not know day is high, the heart. Now, the world has forgotten, and he wanders.

The rain torn thoughts
I hate rainy days wet feeling, recently the weather is rainy, maybe god also with strange sad, crying, rain continues, trickling rain, rushing lala. Under the presence of rhythm, follow one's inclinations...

Night falls, the hustle and bustle of cities began to quiet down, coming out of the window occasionally speeding car siren, estimation is a busy day guy, dragging the tired body, miss his family's waiting for his mom and dad, or a wife and children, the in the mind to read home, want to go home earlier. Family, home, Dream beauty pro hard sell is the focus, a great and happy things! Of course, I also love my family.

I afraid of the dark, night room will open a small light, the light faint, her boyfriend had to sleep, sleep enron, double eyebrow stretch, seems to have to sleep, but I am awake, tossing and turning a few times, afraid of waking him, rose up and stood on the balcony, close the window, rainy night, more dark, not the stars and the moon, they also afraid of the dark night, early hide into the clouds. Only in the distance the violet arenaceous tall hotel stands in the night, is so terrible, like a shepherd, guarded each check in tourists, let them sleep, also recede a tired.

Summer, typhoon storm, frog bird sound of normal, but in this case, it is very difficult, even if the summer to enjoy the symphony of nature, like that came to the house of childhood hometown thoughts to think of it, Dream beauty pro is very interesting to note that the embarrassing, but reminded sad and lost, have to the evening, accompanied, naive and innocent. See today, insomnia tossing and turning to the rhythm of the dawn! Each New Year flower similar, but each person is different, every year compulsively sad welled up in my heart, like the rain outside the window, hit things, affects my heart, maybe depressed recently, caused by a lazy body tired, will feel very tired a day's work, the neck on the right side as hard as neck stiffness, acidity eyes a blur, not taste. Feel the pain, feel shoulders the burden is heavy, not like a child as long as innocence, now have to consider a living, have to consider how to balance the burden of life. The life! The life! Born easy! It's really difficult to live!

Man is a very strange animal, can have desires, will the kindness, turns around, the boundless universe. All kinds of people, different things, can, are changing every moment, the heart will change the most. Lonely rainy night, sleepless I won all enjoy alone...

Lonely, empty, alone by window bar, wind and rain mixed lingering, lonely night with me silent tears across the cheek, thoughts too much crazy, torn my heart, the rain outside the window, trickling rain, Dream beauty pro knocked on the heartstrings of raindrops hitting, micro light trance, upset sleepless, eats swallowed me!!!!!!! Think much, empty disconsolate, useless, I don't know how to go strong, wanders in my heart, in the sight of confusion, not until morning, still have to go to bed, early to go to work tomorrow, still busy chasing day. Such is life, in addition to the sky falls down on me, it continues...

Private clamping fee ceiling

THE MINISTER FOR Transport Leo Varadkar has introduced a new Bill that will regulate the public and private clamping industries in Ireland gift and premium fair.

The ‘General Scheme of the Regulation of Vehicle Immobilisation Bill 2013’ is designed to reward good practice by reputable clampers and to protect motorists from malpractice.

Under new legislation the National Transport Authority will now regulate the clamping industry and act as the licensing authority. It will also give aggrieved motorists a one-stop-shop to seek redress gift premium.

A maximum cap will be imposed on release fees for vehicles clamped on private land, which will be set by the NTA. It is expected that the fee will be capped at €80.

Under the new rules, clamping staff and their vehicles will also have to be clearly identifiable.

“The public is well aware of cases where private clampers have behaved in a manner which gives rise to serious concerns,” said Minister Varadkar. “I do not favour an outright ban on clamping on private property, as landowners need to be able to deal with nuisance parking. However, the practice must be regulated premium-gifts.”

The Bill is being drafted in the Attorney General’s Office and the Minister hopes to introduce it in the Oireachtas later in the year.
The United States of America's Broadcasting Industry

Aereo made headlines on April 1 with a preliminary court victory over the major broadcasters, which had sought to shut down the service for copyright infringement.

The case, which is still pending, is seen by some as a potentially groundbreaking test: for consumers, whether they can "shift" TV viewing to the web through a third party; and for broadcasters, whether they can maintain control of their content wall storage.

Aereo, which is backed by media mogul Barry Diller, launched in early 2012 in the New York area and was immediately sued by the major broadcast networks - ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox - for copyright infringement.

The company claims its actions are legal, because it is not re-broadcasting, but giving subscribers a personal antenna in its New York warehouse that enables them to watch live TV or record it for later viewing.

A US appeals court panel agreed with Aereo, in a preliminary decision on a request for an injunction to shut down the service. A full hearing in the case is still pending.

The court ruled 2-1 that Aereo was not re-transmitting "public performances," which would be banned under copyright law, but merely allowing customers to rent antennas to receive and record free broadcasts.

"Aereo's system creates a unique copy of that program on a portion of a hard drive assigned only to that Aereo user," the appeals court said, upholding a lower court decision dentist central.

Chet Kanojia, Aereo's founder and chief executive, said the ruling "sends a powerful message that consumer access to free-to-air broadcast television is still meaningful in this country and that the promise and commitment made by the broadcasters to act in the public interest in exchange for the public's spectrum remains an important part of our American fabric."

Some called the ruling a victory for consumers, saying it will allow them to get out from constraints from cable companies, which call the shots for most US TV viewers.

Mitch Stoltz of the Electronic Frontier Foundation called the court decision "a win for Aereo, its customers and for future innovators with the audacity to improve the TV-watching experience yahoo seo hk."

Stoltz said the ruling "gives companies like Aereo an incentive to put TV technology firmly under the viewer's control."
4 deaths caused by the driver
The driver who survived a fiery crash near Gisborne which left four people dead has been charged by police.

Roland Whitney, 58, is facing four counts of driving with excess blood alcohol causing death over the Labour weekend smash, the Gisborne Herald reports cheap bedroom furniture.

The crash happened on State Highway 2 south of Te Karaka township on October 20 last year.

Police said at the time it appeared the 4WD driven by Whitney crossed the centre line, colliding with a van driven by 33-year-old Whatatutu mother Serena Smith Claire Hsu.

Ms Smith was killed, along with Whitney's three passengers, his 14-year-old son Te Anau, his 42-year-old partner Helena Moore, and her son Phoenix, aged 16.

Whitney managed to crawl from the wreckage before fire took hold. Passersby desperately tried to save the other three, but they were unable to release their seatbelts Shipping Forwarder.

Whitney will appear in Gisborne District Court on Friday.